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Anuriti Life Foundation is committed to uplifting communities across Asia. We focus on fulfilling the basic needs of elderly individuals, providing quality education to children, and protecting vulnerable street animals. Through our efforts, we aim to create a compassionate and supportive environment for all.


What We Do

At Anuriti Life Foundation, we are dedicated to making a difference across Asia through a variety of initiatives. We provide financial support for children’s education by paying their school fees and supplying essential stationery. We distribute food packages to underprivileged families and offer health-oriented packages to promote well-being. Additionally, we sponsor medicines for those in need and provide street kits to protect and care for vulnerable street animals. Our mission is to create a compassionate and supportive community for all.

Our Goals

Our goals at Anuriti Life Foundation are to ensure every child has access to quality education, every elderly person receives the care they deserve, and every street animal is protected and nurtured. We strive to build a compassionate, supportive community across Asia, fostering a better future for all.

We provide financial support to ensure children receive quality education by covering their school fees, helping to create a brighter future for them.

We distribute essential food packages to underprivileged families, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals and can focus on other aspects of their lives.

We supply necessary stationery items to students, enabling them to pursue their education without the worry of lacking basic school supplies.

Our health-oriented packages include hygiene products and healthcare essentials to promote the well-being of individuals in need, fostering healthier communities.

We sponsor medicines for those who cannot afford them, ensuring that everyone has access to necessary medical treatments and can lead healthier lives.

We provide street kits for animals, which include food, medical care, and other essentials to protect and support the well-being of vulnerable street animals.

Our Mission

Its Time to Take

At Anuriti Life Foundation, our mission is to uplift and empower communities across Asia by addressing critical needs and fostering a compassionate society. We are dedicated to:

  • Supporting Education
  • Caring for the Elderly
  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Promoting Health
  • Protecting Animals

Through these initiatives, we aim to create a brighter, more compassionate future for all.


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